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YEAR 2014

Web Related Feature(s)


  • Provided a login facility to Other Staff to view their own Salary Slip and Leave Balance.

  • Enhanced User Management facility to send user name and password SMS easily.

  • Given facility to set and associate Payment Categories and amount to the staff to calculate salary accordingly.

  • New report 'Provident Fund of Salary Difference' is added.

Fees -

  • Facility for Parents to pay next year fee online even if final academic year is generated and year is not marked as current.

Result Sheet Report  -

  • User has given a choice to print report with or without marks/grades..

YEAR 2015

Web Related Feature(s)


News -

  •  Facility is given to add news with attachment to display school related news from magazines, paper etc.


  • Message sending facility is given on subject teacher screen for student login so that parent can contact the respective teachers easily.

Assign homework - 

  • Facility is provided to send SMS to respective class students on click of publish button .

  • Facility is provided to view  homework on mobile site.

Create SMS Template screen-

  •  Made this screen available to Admin to add or modify SMS templates.

  • Added facility to enter Mobile Number2 to send SMS to both Mobile numbers to low down the possibility of not receiving the SMS from school.

Following new reports are added on the school application  -

  • 1. Student Identity Card for the students.

  • 2. Standard wise Fee Collection By Payment Modes for Fee module.

YEAR 2016


RITeSchool Mobile App - 

  • Performance improvement

  • Dashboard UI improvement

  • Minor bug fixes

New Dashboard - 

  • Designed an informative dashboard for School Management Staff e.g. Admin, Principal etc. Principal and Admin are allowed to select the academic & financial year from the drop down available on the side gear. The data is rendered in the selected widgets according to selected academic & financial year. Available widgets are as follows-

  • 1.Fee Status- Displays fees details like  a. Fee expected to receive,  b. Today's Collection, c. Total concession till date.

  • 2.Attendance Summary- Displays attendance details like a. Attendance Marked for Classes,  b. Attendance Marked for Students,  c. Top 3 Classes with Pending Attendance.

  • 3.Exam Student Performance- Displays graphical (pie chart) representation of Student performance for selected Standard and Exam.

  • 4.Birthdays– Shows the Student and Staff birthdays for the selected filter like Today's birthday or Birthdays in a week.

  • 5.Photo Gallery- The slide show of photos of the events.

  • 6.Stats– Displays count of Students and Staff. Also Library details are displayed.

  • 7.Feedback– Displays top 10 feedback about School as well as RITeSchool software. Following are the Coming Soon widgets-

  • 8.Standard Student Performance– Displays graphical representation of Standard wise Student performance comparison for selected Exam.  

  • 9.Accounts- Displays graphical representation of Inflow and Outflow for recent year.

  • 10.Payroll- Displays bar graph representation of salary paid for the employees for the selected month as well as for previous month. Also displays the amount of Income Tax.

Stock Items - 

  • 1. Added three file upload controls to capture images of item with different angles while adding new item.

  • 2. Provided an option on Add Item Screen to decide whether the item needs details for each unit or not. e.g. Laptop – Details like Specification Code, Price and Specification Details etc.

  • 3. When above option is selected while adding an item, the units according to the specified quantity are created with an auto generated Specification Code (Laptop-2016128-1243-1) for Identification. This specification code is editable to make any appropriate changes to it.

  • 4. Added a facility to mark the units of an item as damaged etc.

  • 5. Now the any UOM can be created with unit quantity like UOM Dozen with 12 Units.

  • 6. If such UOM i.e. Dozen is used for an item while adding, the stock quantity for this particular item can be treated in UOM quantity i.e. 2 Dozen or Unit quantity i.e. 23 Units etc. throughout the inventory.

  • 7. Facility to add new stock for existing items with maintained history with date, stock quantity and unit price for each lot. Requisitions–

  • 8. While adding requisition an appropriate category can be selected to search item within selected category.

  • 9. Facility to Cancel the Approved requisition.

YEAR 2017

Web Related Feature(s)


Ledger Summary -

  • Provided a ledger  "Absent Charges" to  combine all absent fee entries in single ledger.  Provided facility on Ledger summary screen that ledger list should display only active ledgers of working financial year. 

Sanction Leave -

  • Provided “Delete” option for deleting sanctioned leaves.

User Login -

  • Provided Tab for “Active” and “Deactive” users on User login screen.

Report -

  • Added new column "Gross salary" in Provident Fund Details report. 

Student -

  • Provided facility to upload Aadhaar card. Provided facility to re-admit the left student.

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