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YEAR 2022

Web Related Feature(s)


Fees -

  • Next Year Internal Fee - Added Electronic Payment Facility

Account -

  • Added Transaction No in the Day Book for All Type of transactions

Admission -

  • Added facility to update admission process status

Teacher -

  • Teacher/subject search facility added

Report -

  • Designed Class wise Student Annual Attendance Percentage Report

  • Designed the Old Year Pending Fees Students List Report

YEAR 2023

Web Related Feature(s)


Mobile App Updates -

  •  Complete app is upgraded to new technology - React.

  • UI and UX is upgraded to next level.

  • Updated Privacy Policy added.

  • New menu Transport Details for parent login.

  • Transport vehicle tracking facility.

  • Student pick-up and drop notifications for parents.

  • Birthday wishes for own ward & other children is available for parent login.

  • Email setting option to received messages in email is added in Message Center.

  • Delete for everyone function added for sent messages.

  • Message to subject teacher facility is made available for parent.

  • Support option is now available for parent.

  • View and add feedback facility is made available for parent.

  • Performance improvements for few pages and minor bug fixes.

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