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Website Developmet

RITeSchool provides every school it’s very own website enabling it to create and enhance its unique brand and stay ahead in the competition. We provide a variety of unique templates which schools can choose for their website. To have a look, you can visit to one of our client schools at

Business Mail Id

Separate Email Ids will be created for school teachers so that they can send mails to outside world.

SMS Facilities

Facilitated with 20000 free SMS for each school which can be sent during a year.

SMS templates available; can be modified as per each school’s requirement.

Report Generate

Facilitated with 100+ reports which can be exported to no modifiable PDF format.

Password Protected App

Very secure application! Passwords as well as URLs are encrypted to make it even more secure.

Online Help 

Application is enabled with online help features that helps user to understand and access it in better way.

Flexible Configuration

Flexible application to support any type of school as school configuration can be changed at any time in the system.

Easy and intuitive user interface.

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