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  • I do have old data of school. How can I get that data into your software ?
    In the initial stage, the master data like Students, Teachers, Staff details, Book details, etc. can be easily imported using our predefined excel templates in the software to save a lot of manual efforts. We support this activity as a part of initial data loading with well-defined templates for Current Academic Year only.
  • Is it possible to integrate swipe card machine along with the RITeSchool ?
    Yes, it is possible to integrate. We have already done the same for one of the schools which is working well.
  • Is it possible to communicate via Mobile ?
    Yes! RITeSchool can be accessed from Mobile having internet connections. We have developed light-weight website and can be accessed from mobile / Tablet PC with net connection while you are on move. Parents, Teachers and Admin Staff can view required information there. Our development team is currently working to add more features.
  • Do we need to pay extra for using mobile website ?
    No. It comes along with the package. User just needs to bear the minimal cost of data plan for the mobile, which again is not too high.
  • What type of reports can you generate with this application ?
    All types of report! Currently we have 100+ reports readily available, and we can add as many reports as school wants.
  • Do the parents have the option of writing emails to Teachers/School Management ?
    Yes, this facility has been provided in the software via message center option which acts as an email but available only after login to RITeSchool software.
  • Is the technology that you have used the latest one? Or which programming language has been used?
    All latest possible: ASP.Net 3.5 with C# language with SQL 2008 as a backend.
  • What are the basic requirements for the school/institute to use RITeSchool?
    The basic requirements for the school are: Internet connection with minimum 2 mbps broadband connection. One desktop with normal configuration with USB drive to connect the barcode scanner. Normal UPS to run the desktop.
  • What will happen when the technology used gets outdated ?
    ITeSchool is developed on the latest technology platform, as the technology gets updated new versions of RITeSchool will be available in the market from time to time.
  • Do I need to have any specific Operating System to run the software ?
    As RITeSchool is web based, you just need a latest browser to access the software, no limitations on Operating System.
  • Which are the Internet browsers that are compatible with your software ?
    Firefox and Internet explorer.
  • Do we need a high speed internet connection? If yes, why ?
    Yes, typically it depends on simultaneous users accessing the website. Normally for a school with 1000 students, we recommend a minimum speed of 2 MBPS line in school.
  • Do you have an offline version ?
    No! It's not needed as the software available 24 X 7 from around the world.
  • Can we do the configuration on our own, if there is any change to be made or do we need to take the help of RIT team to handle such changes?
    Yes, you can. There is school configuration module provided in the system which can be accessed by the admin.
  • How much Time does a Teacher/Staff requires understanding and getting acquainted with the system ?
    Usually 2 weeks are more than sufficient for a Teacher/Staff to understand and get acquainted with the product, but we do provide regular refresher trainings for the Staff/Teachers as well!
  • How can I contact you ?
    Please provide your details on our website for demo login and we will revert back to you immediately. Also you can call us on the numbers specified on the website.
  • Do you support customizations ?
    The most unique feature of our product is that we are extremely flexible to customize the modules as per the school requirement. RITeSchool, being an open architecture, is highly customizable with self-customization options and any customization in the structure can be done at an extremely low turnaround time, to meet your different requirements.
  • How easy is it to upgrade your product ?
    No need of worry for you on this front. We take care of it and the next moment a new functionality is available for you.
  • How will we get support from RITeSchool after installation? OR What is the turnaround time for service, if anything goes wrong with the system?
    RITeSchool Support Cell and engineers are available on all working days from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM online on IMs & emails. On phone the Support engineers are available 12 X 7. Any kind of bug or error or problem in the Software will be attended within 4 working hours and solved within 48 working hours at most.
  • What will be the frequency of Onsite Visits once the software is installed ?
    Onsite Visit to Schools is done every fortnight. However online support is available 12 X 7 and Engineers are available from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  • What if we want to discontinue with your technology if at all we are not satisfied ?
    We assure you that you will not get a chance to complain. We can say this from our experience of serving various schools in last five years. Our Clients are very much satisfied with our system. Still if at all any School has problem going ahead they can do so.
  • What if we have paid the annual subscription and we want to terminate in the middle of the year. Can we get our money back ?
    No. If early termination (any time between 5 years contract period) is to be done on either side then it will be with a three months prior notice on either side before end of the academic year end in that year. Termination cannot happen in the middle of the academic year on either side. Contract Breaking Charges will be applicable. It will be 50% of subscription amount for the remaining period of contract. Subscription amount for it will be considered from last annual charges paid.
  • Who is having the copyright of the software ?
    Regulus Information Technologies is having the copyright of the software and the logo.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    Frequently Asked Questions about Website / Data Security, availability, Technology, Modules, Cost specifications, Training & support.
  • Why have you chosen the software to be Online?
    The data is available anytime from anywhere and no dependency on anybody else.
  • How can I trust that my data is secured using your Software ?
    We have online backup running which copies each modification from the main server to another remote server, so even if anything goes wrong with the live server, we can be back online in 24 hours without losing any data. We have taken following security measures: All passwords are encrypted in the database. The encryption is also used during communication of data between client and server. The URLs are encrypted. Any data that is passed in the URL is in the encrypted format so no one can read any information. We have form based authentication so that no user can directly log-in into the application by typing the URL in the browser. The database is password protected. Anonymous access to the database is restricted. We maintain user session so that we can get information of the users accessing the system. Separate types of login have access to their specific functionality only. School Administrator has highest access rights. Access rights of modules/screens can be assigned to teacher/office staff by administrator only. Past employee or student will not have access to RITeSchool. None of the last year’s data can be altered.
  • What is data transfer ?
    At the end of the academic year when all the results are generated and students are moved to next class, the data of all the passed students is automatically transferred to next class. This saves a lot of manual efforts and time.
  • For initial data entry does your team come onsite ?
    Yes. If you want us to sit at your office and do the data entry, our representative will come and do that for you.
  • How can I take backups for school data ?
    The school need not worry on this front. An automatic service is taking care of it for you.
  • Where is your server located ?
    The current server is located in India with Tata Communications. More details about the data center can be found at -
  • What if the internet is down ?
    Nothing can be done in the internet down situation. So we recommend the schools two things: To have a lease line, so a chance of unavailability of internet is very less as compared to broadband connection. And to have one backup line in case the main internet line is down.
  • What if the website is down ?
    Very rare scenario! In last 5 years of our service to school, the website was down only for one day, and that too due to hardware issue, so nothing much to worry on this front.
  • Do I need to renew the software after every specific period ?
    As this is lifetime software, you do not need to renew it.
  • Can the software be linked with Existing School Website or Portal ?
    The software will be linked with the institute/school portal or website.
  • Is it necessary to have computers in all the classes ?
    No. We recommend one computer among 10 staff members.
  • What if anybody makes the wrong entry? Can it be rectified ?
    Yes. It can be Edited or Deleted.
  • How does payroll module calculate the various deductions ?
    There is a configuration facility for setting all the deductions that are applicable to your institute. At the end of the month salary is automatically generated considering all the deductions.
  • What if I have various campuses of Institute; will I need to install RITeSchool in each of my campuses ?
    RITeSchool is a web based application so no installation is needed. We need to configure each school/branch into the software once. We can have as many branches as possible into the software. We also have a facility where school management can view the integrated data at one place.
  • What if I require only few modules instead of the entire package ?
    We have three options (Basic, Standard & Premium) in this category. For the schools willing to opt for limited modules, we have an option called as Basic. It has primary and basic modules that are common across all the schools. Once school is comfortable in using the functions of Basic package and / or would like to utilize the Features of more modules of next category, they can do so by requesting to us any time. Required configuration and appropriate training can be arranged after paying the necessary upgrade charges. Basically we see this as a competitive advantage with us as we offer you all the applicable modules in the category at once. Additionally, we are continuously enhancing RITeSchool with new features and modules, which will available free for use as per applicable category.
  • Is RITeSchool accounting module capable of managing all the accounting work that we do using tally ?
    Yes, it is designed in such a manner that it manages your accounting work easily. We have come up with tally integration module which exports all your voucher information from RITeSchool in format supported by tally, which can be imported in Tally and generate appropriate ledger entries. This is for schools which are using tally for accounting and audit purpose and still wants to utilize the integrated benefits of RITeSchool.
  • Do we need to login through different user ID; if our institute have different branches ?
    Yes. RITeSchool need to keep students / staff information of respective branch and the address on various reports (Bonafide, LC, and Fee Receipt) should be accordingly however for Management users; we have come up with management integration Dashboard using which user can track different branches by login to RITeSchool of any of the branches. There user can compare multiple parameters of branches e.g. Student Count, Attendance status of any day, Staff count, Fee collections till date. It is getting enhanced to add more parameters.
  • Can we identify substitute teacher against an absent teacher who can teach the same subject ?
    Yes, there are various reports, which allow you identify substitution as well as Teacher Transfer facility helps to substitute the teacher.
  • Can we have the SMS system for informing parents about the bus status ?
    Yes. It can be utilized by Admin Staff for informing corresponding parents if bus of particular route is running late or break-down.
  • How can we intimate the parents/students for pending fees ?
    Yes. RITeSchool has facility to send SMS for Fee Pending Status.
  • Is reminder for library book renewal date set Via SMS to students or parents or teachers?
    Yes. RITeSchool has facility of SMS reminders for Library book Renewal.
  • What if anybody forgets the login id or password ?
    It can be recovered using ‘Forgot Password’ link available on Login page. User needs to provide User Id / Mobile number and DOB and password will be sent via SMS to mobile number registered in RITeSchool.
  • Can we have some learning modules for students in the system ?
    Though it's a completely school management software, depending on the client requirement necessary changes can be made.
  • How long it takes to get the software in running condition with complete customization, data migration, configuration and training ?
    It takes minimum 10 working days to maximum time period of 3 months which depends on the data availability, data accuracy and other relevant information availability.
  • Will you provide any training to use the software ?
    We will be arranging training sessions for Teachers/Non-academic staff first and then to the parents as well. We have training guide for easy reference.
  • What if our staffs are not that Technology orientated. How will they get acquainted with the system ?
    First of all, our system is very simple to use. We regularly provide training to all the staffs as and when they require. Apart from this, we are available 12 X 7 on phone line for any assistance you need. You can also contact us through email as well.
  • What if I face difficulty in using RITeSchool after implementation ?
    We have a very good Support Centre available 12 X 7. It supports on Email, Phone or Chat can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your desktop remotely and offer you real-time support. Post-implementation, you will also be provided with a detailed user-guide.
  • What kind of support do you offer for the software ?
    We extend 12 X 7 Support to the teachers, complete staff and parents through emails and phone calls.
  • Can I get the demo before purchasing the software ?
    Yes, we have this facility as a part of the process. As a part of our visit, we arrange for a demo visit with the school authorities. Even after this if the school wants to get a feel of the modules and utilization of the software, we share a demo login with the school.
  • Can I get a trial of your software before I purchase it ?
    As our product is not a standalone license which can be run on the system and the user can take a trial, giving a trial for the software would be difficult. But our demo login will give you a complete feel of all the modules in the software. The demo is available at Login details are available on the Demo Login page.
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