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YEAR 2009

Web Related Feature(s)


Provided a facility to regenerate the roll numbers for students of selected class according to the selected criteria.

Forgot Password -

  • Provided facility to recover the password. User will be notified with login details by SMS.

  • Provided facility to delete marked attendance of class.

  • Added new reports 'Missing Attendance' and 'Muster report' for Attendance.

  • Added a new report 'Exam Publish status' for Exam.

YEAR 2010

Web Related Feature(s)


Salary Payment -

  • Facility to publish/unpublish salary to make the salary slip available to the staff members, SMS is send to staff members.

Leaves Accumulation -

  • Facility is provided to view and updated the accumulated leaves.

Year wise Leaves -

  • Facility is provided to configure leaves for staff for a year.

SMS Center  -

  • Facility is provided to add the group of users in the personal address book.

Payroll Reports  -

  • Three new reports added - Profession Tax Challan Report, Professional Tax Report and Provident Fund Report.

Student Search  -

  • Given a facility to search students by comma separated registration numbers.

YEAR 2011

Web Related Feature(s)


Manage Issue Books -

  •  Facility to search the student or staff members to issue book.

Edit Fee -

  • Given the facility to update the fee payments.

  • Facility is added to clear the online admission fee transactions.

Pre primary progress sheet  -

  • Facility is added to add the remarks.

Create SMS Template screen-

  •  Made this screen available to Admin to add or modify SMS templates.

  • Added facility to enter Mobile Number2 to send SMS to both Mobile numbers to low down the possibility of not receiving the SMS from school.

Following new reports are added on the school application  -

  • 1. Student Identity Card for the students.

  • 2. Standard wise Fee Collection By Payment Modes for Fee module.

YEAR 2012

Web Related Feature(s)


RITeSchool is made available on light weight website which can be accessed from mobile / tablet for parents login.

  • Provided facility to view month wise attendance details.

  • Provided facility to view fee details and status of fee payments.

  • Provided facility to view timetable.

  • Provided facility to view teacher details like class and subject teachers.

  • Provided facility to view upcoming holidays.

  • Provided facility to view committee members of Parent Teacher Association.

YEAR 2013

Web Related Feature(s)


RTE (Right To Education) Student  -

  •  Provided facility to set RTE (Right To Education) on Student Information while enrolling a new student. If the student admitted has RTE selected, then the student will get 100% concession in the school fees.

Exam Toppers -

  • Provided a facility to generate Class and Standard Toppers regardless of Publish status of the selected Exam.

Advance Fee Payment -

  • The fees, which are paid in advance for the next Academic Year are captured under Advance Fees Received Ledger in the Accounts.

MIS Report  -

  •  Provided a new view - Monthly, wherein bifurcation is displayed for each month.

Block Progress Report  -

  • Provided facility to block progress reports of students explicitly for various reasons other than the fee dues. Also enabled the facility to automatic block progress report if fees dues.

Salary Details ( Income Tax Details ) -

  • "Income Tax Details" report made available at Employee level to display the investment\income details along with calculated tax.

Payroll Related - Income Tax Slab -

  • Provided a facility to configure income tax slabs for the selected financial year. The income tax slabs are categories using the predefined categories like Male, Female, Age between 60 to 80 and Age above 80. The slabs are used to calculate the income tax on the Form No. 16.

Tax Deduction - Income Tax Configuration -

  •  Provided a facility to configure income tax details like Quarter Details and Deductor Person Details along with existing CIT Configuration required for From No. 16 report.

Form No. 16 report Configuration -

  •  Provided few more configurability options viz. Income Tax Slabs with various categories, TDS Receipt Numbers per Quarter and Deductor Details.

Caution Money Details Report -

  • Provided a new report under the Fee folder to display Caution Money details of all the students within the selected range of receipt numbers.

Form No. 16 report -

  • Provided a new report Form No.16 under the Payroll folder to display From No. 16 details of all of the employees.

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