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YEAR 2009

Web Related Feature(s)


Provided a facility to regenerate the roll numbers for students of selected class according to the selected criteria.

Forgot Password -

  • Provided facility to recover the password. User will be notified with login details by SMS.

  • Provided facility to delete marked attendance of class.

  • Added new reports 'Missing Attendance' and 'Muster report' for Attendance.

  • Added a new report 'Exam Publish status' for Exam.

YEAR 2010

Web Related Feature(s)


Salary Payment -

  • Facility to publish/unpublish salary to make the salary slip available to the staff members, SMS is send to staff members.

Leaves Accumulation -

  • Facility is provided to view and updated the accumulated leaves.

Year wise Leaves -

  • Facility is provided to configure leaves for staff for a year.

SMS Center  -

  • Facility is provided to add the group of users in the personal address book.

Payroll Reports  -

  • Three new reports added - Profession Tax Challan Report, Professional Tax Report and Provident Fund Report.

Student Search  -

  • Given a facility to search students by comma separated registration numbers.

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